Schneeferner Gletscher

Contribution picture: Schneeferner Glacier (Zugspitze) 2014, Betty Beier

The Zugspitze Glacier, the so-called “northern Schneeferner” is the largest and highest glacier in Germany.

In the 19th century it still had an extension of 300 hectares and covered the entire Zugspitzplatt. Due to global warming, the glacier splits into a northern and a southern part. The northern glacier now lies in a basin. Each year it loses nearly one meter of its mass.

Schnee - Ferne

Nördlicher Schneeferner


The Zugspitze Glacier and its changes due to climate change have been documented since 1948 and are a vivid example of the consequences of global warming.

Tracing the climate change from 2013-2014.


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